’s music career kicked off in 1999 as the frontman for a funk-laden, reggae, groove-rock band called the Floppy Rods. This morphed into the  inner workings of more passionate, reggae-ish songwriting while also  founding a pioneering, reggae-rock band by the name of 880 South.

The reggae rocker’s rhythmic origins come from his Peruvian family’s passion for latin, classic rock, reggae, soul and pop music. Luigi Casaretto (Weege) was Born in Queens, New York and raised in Northern California. Weege now creates his music in Denver, Colorado. The multi-instrumentalist writes, produces and performs his own reggae-ish style while collaborating with modern reggae rock artists.

Weege in StudioWeege is a hybrid culmination of reggae, soul & rock n' roll all while combining the legacy and future of the band's lineup. The new band lineup brings back 880 South bassist, Greg Medeiros on bass and adds Project 432 drummer, Mark LeBlanc Jr on drums. The music is infused by way of syncopated undertones with bubble keys, jazzy-blues guitar structure, Motown driven vocals matched with chunky, warm bass lines and crisp, rootsy drums.  Lyrically, Weege has morphed into an upbeat sophist with his heart on a sleeve. Having the experience of fatherhood has given him a second chance at being a maestro level storyteller. With comparisons to artists like the Dirty HeadsPepper, Michael Franti and Jason Mraz,  Weege adds his own unique splash of unique soul, rock and motown influences to his own branded reggae style. Naturally, it derives from his musical upbringing on bands like Led Zeppelin, Bob Marley, Marvin Gaye, Queen, The Police, Funkadelic and UB40.


Apartment 28 gets regular spins on WRRJ 897 FMWRRJ, 89.7 FM in Cocoa Beach, Florida (and 101.5 FM Melbourne, Florida)


KKMP921GuamFriend In Me and California are currently in rotation at KKMP, 92.1 FM  Garapan-Saipan, Northern Mariana Islands, Guam.


As of January 9th, sponsored by Salt Kured, a Florida Weege Salt Kuredbased apparel company focusing on coastal attire, beach styles and culture while sponsoring artists, athletes and musicians. https://www.saltkured.com  Weege & 880 South have intentions to tour the gulf coast and Florida in 2021 so this is a great partnership for future endeavors.


U P C O M I N G  T O U R  D A T E S

V I D E O   I N T E R V I E W S

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N O T A B L E   P E R F O R M A N C E S

Weege performed at the inaugural 2011 California Roots Festival as well as the following year in Monterey, CA. He also performed the massively popular Beach Fest in Santa Barbara, CA and has opened for Fishbone, Slightly Stoopid, Expendables, Pepper and Long Beach Dub Allstars.

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C U R R E N T   P R O J E C T S

As of April 2021, Weege is currently working with Blaine Dillinger of HIRIE down at SoCo Soundlabs in Pueblo, CO with Mark LeBlanc Jr. They are completing a 4 song EP with Dillinger producing and co-writing. 

This summer will embark Weege's first full length album release since 2012. 10 songs are expected on a new album with a working title of Choice Selections. A very reggae and soul infused album 

2021 is a new frontier for music. The music industry was undoubtedly decimated by Covid 19 and Weege still was able to release 23 total songs in 2020. With momentum on his side, he navigated new waters in a digital landscape by providing new music every 2 to 3 weeks, consistent live streams and messages of hope for a better future.

The new year kicked off with 4 new singles titled California, Friend In Me, Sorry It Can't Wait, Signs, Always Something and Find Your Rhythm

June 2020 marked the first release by Weege in 8 years. “Pathos" was a culmination of years of tour stories, heartbreak, romance, wisdom, parenthood and compassion. The album was well received by the legacy fanbase and set a great foundation for what was to come. The top streaming single, The Very End of Summer was a bittersweet goodbye to the summer season and also added to several reggae playlists on Spotify.  

October 2020 brought the release of the 8 song EP "Unorthodox Magic", it featured Clev Stiles from Kruel SummerMark LeBlanc from Project 432Greg Medeiros from 880 South and Raul Bianchi from the Expendables. Unorthodox Magic had a unique marketing strategy which was adopted from Dub Rock Records label mates Kruel Summer. Weege decided to release half the songs as singles leading up to the 8 song release. In doing so he grew his audience and fanbase by 12 times and had his song featured in several curated playlists and blogs. The EP had a variety of music styles ranging from soul, pop and reggae. The two top leading streaming songs were Over, a groove pop reggae breakup song with doo wop motown intentions and Fascination, quite simply, a song about still desiring your partner after years of being in a relationship.

December 2020 also saw the releases of two unique singles Friend In Me and Always Something. Both songs were mixed by Adam Patterson of The Expendables and are currently the top streaming songs on Spotify and Apple Music.

In the past Weege also wrote and collaborated on a song titled “The Girls” on The Holdup’s album “Still Gold”. This song was in SONGS NY's publishing catalog and was featured in several reality shows and a televised commercial. You can find previous Weege albums, “Good Love” and “FM Gold” on all major streaming platforms.

R E L E A S E   S C H E D U L E 

The next EP single "Sorry It Can't Wait" is a latin fused, alternative pop rock song with a melodic call and answer reggae chorus. It was mixed by Adam Patterson of the Expendables.  This song drops on February 5th 2021.

It will be followed up by another singled titled "Signs" which is a reggae rock song at its core but often toys with country-pop and gospelly soul intentions. Look for this one on all major streaming platforms on February 26th 2021

Weege & 880 South
have been plotting a collaborative effort for the next album titled "Choice Selections" which features a full band ensemble including horn section, keys, backup vocalists, percussions and a returning cast of Mark LeBlanc Jr on drums, Greg Medeiros on bass and featuring original guitarist from 880 South, Steve Shyshka on guitar. It will include future members Marcelo Arevalo on keys, Philip Ortiz-Gonazales on trumpet, Meaghan Richardson & Jaclyn Gutierrez on backup vocals and several other guest musicians to be announced.  The entire production is being finalized in SoCo Soundlabs studio down in Pueblo, CO. This album is slotted for late Spring 2021, however there will be several singles released leading up to the full length album and tour which could push the album out to early summer!

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