Weege & 880 South is Reggae-Ish. Weege is a songwriter and vocalist from the Denver, Colorado area, and he and his band 880 South are originally from Northern California.

Weege’s music career kicked off in 1999 as the Weege & 880 South logofrontman for a funk laden groove band called the Floppy Rods. This morphed into the inner workings of more passionate songwriting and also founding a pioneering, reggae-rock band by the name of 880 South. Weege’s musical origins come from his Peruvian family’s passion for music and singing as a child in Queens, New York and as a teenager in Campbell, California. As a multi-instrumentalist he writes and records guitar, bass, drums and keys and is known for his soulful vocals. He develops and records his own songs and collaborates with other songwriters. 

Weege in StudioWeege & 880 South is a hybrid culmination of reggae, soul & rock n' roll all while combining the legacy and future of the band's lineup. The new band lineup brings back Greg Medeiros on bass and adds Project 432 members, Mark LeBlanc Jr on drums and Nick Wimer on lead guitarWeege Face The music is infused by way of syncopated undertones with bubble keys, jazzy-blues guitar structure, Motown driven vocals matched with chunky, warm bass lines and crisp, rootsy drums.  Lyrically, Weege has morphed into an upbeat sophist with his heart on a sleeve. Having the experience of fatherhood has given him a second chance at being a maestro level storyteller. With comparisons to artists like the Dirty HeadsPepper, Michael Franti and Jason Mraz,  Weege adds his own unique splash of unique soul, rock and motown influences to his own branded reggae style. Naturally, it derives from his musical upbringing on bands like Led Zeppelin, Bob Marley, Marvin Gaye, Queen, The Police, Funkadelic and UB40.

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