Weege Says - (Introduction) Surviving Massive Changes and Adversity in the Music Industry

Weege Says - (Introduction) Surviving Massive Changes and Adversity in the Music Industry

Hey my people. Luigi here. Songwriter, Producer, yada yada yada. I'm a music maker and I'm certain you already know that if you're here reading this.

I hope you've all been well. I've created this video blog series to kickstart a weekly blog journal to help give folks more insight into our creative process, or live music production and our studio production work. 

I'm no stranger to big stages, but as many of my colleagues and cowriters know, I've always shined the most in studio and songwriting. That doesn't mean I don't enjoy the live music vibes and the rigors of the road. All three areas are incredibly crucial to music success. Although, we're finding that in 2022 there are many alternative ways to earn in the industry and create and still be independent and artistic at the same time.

In times like these we are constantly faced with adversity. We had covid hindering our ability to earn on the road for one. A lot of things came to a screeching halt but in that turmoil there were innovations! Evolution of the music industry and while it's still hard to earn money from streaming, there were a ton of advancements in technology as well. 

One of the key things Weege (myself and the band) has adopted is membership based crowdfunding and donations. We intend to push every single release through membership sites like Ko-Fi (like Patreon). We believe that our fans are what has kept us in rotation these last few years and we'd rather reward their dedication versus trying to focus on fast tracking to massive distribution channels. We're going to do this guerrilla marketing style and raise the funds and share the experience with our fans directly.

Best way to support us now is to go our Ko-Fi page and make a contribution by basically buying us a cup of coffee for $3. Or you can sign up for our membership tiers where you can get perks and rewards. You can even book me to come to your home and bake you 24 cinnamon rolls and play for 1.5 hours.

Click the icon below and you can get involved right away. I also share more exclusive breakdowns of my blog topics and industry level information about recording, songwriting and touring on Ko-Fi. 


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